Useful Information and FAQ

Hotel SeeRose at the Lake Ossiacher See

Important information around your stay at the well-being Hotel SeeRose: From check-in and check-out to children’s discounts to the cancellation conditions.

Days of arrival

June until September - on Wednesdays and on Sundays. In the remaining opening period: “daily arrival”.
Your room is ready for occupancy at about 2.00 p.m., on your day of departure we would like to ask you to vacate your room until 10.00 a.m.


For unconsumed dinners we reduce your bill by 10.00 € per adult and 5.00 € per child.

Prices for children

The prices for children are applied for an additional bed in the room and apartment with two persons paying the full price. Prices for children when you book a room for the child: in the categories double room DZ3, double room DZ4 you pay the complete price for a child and for the second one you pay a reduced price. For children who occupy a double room alone with view of the lake, you pay the price of an adult.

Dogs and pets at the hotel

We charge 10.00 € per day for your pet without food. Please understand that dogs are not allowed in the restaurant and in the sunbathing area.

Smokers and non-smokers at the hotel

All rooms at the SeeRose are non-smoker areas. Smoker areas are the terrace and the cigar lounge in the  gallery.

Payment of the Hotel Bill

At the hotel with the debit card (Maestro Card) (in past time EC Card), VISA Card and Master Card. Please consider that we do not accept other credit cards.


Free WLAN in the whole hotel area.

Cancellation Conditions

  • Cancellation until 8 weeks before the holiday begins: 
    Back payment of the advance payment less 22.00 € service fee.
  • Cancellation until 4 weeks before the holiday begins:
    The advance payment becomes invalid and will not be paid back.
  • Cancellation with the beginning of the 4th week before the holiday begins:
    The accounting of 70% of the agreed travel price.
  • Cancellation for the period beginning one week before the holiday begins:
    The accounting of 90% of the agreed travel price, also in case of late arrival and early departure.
    The difference of a possible subletting will be naturally paid back.

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