Wellness area with panoramic view towards the lake

Sauna and spa at the Lake Ossiach

at the 4* spa hotel SeeRose in Carinthia

Our picturesque sauna lodge right at the water! Sit and perspire, pour on and enjoy only few centimetres above the water level: Enjoy the unique ambiance of our sauna island on the lake - with a view of the nature reserve Jammerspitz.

Unique sauna on the lake for a special sweating experience

In front of you the reflecting water surface, below you the waves that are slapping against the wooden floor. Around you the wood panelling and with every minute the air gets hotter: In our classic sauna you will discover a new experience of heat.

Sauna with a view of the lake and the best is yet to come: After stepping out of the sauna you will find a tingling refreshment and cool-down with a “hiss…” in the pure water of the lake. Our lake sauna is a highlight that will excite even experienced sauna visitors.

Sauna in Carinthia: Where could this be a nicer experience than in a true sauna on the lake? Come to the Hotel SeeRose and find out for yourself!

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