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Relaxing massages at the wellness hotel

pleasant relaxation at the Lake Ossiacher See in Carinthia

Let yourself be rightfully pampered with skilful grips for a change: The massage offer in your wellness hotel includes massage techniques from classic treatments to exotic Thai massages.

Caresses for the body and the soul

Pamper yourself and get spoiled by the beneficial massages performed by the expert hands of our masseurs. It does not matter if you simply want relaxation, if you want to spoil your body with an invigorating freshness after sporting activity or if you want to alleviate some pain - they know the treatments that are good for you.

Classic total body massage
€ 60.-

Pure relaxation from head to toe. This massage is carried out with a pampering body oil that is individually adapted to your needs.

50 min.

Classic partial massage
€ 30.-

A true delight for the legs, the back or your head/neck/shoulders

25 min.

€ 60.-

Through gentle, extensive brushing movements in the direction of the heart this massage effects an opening of the lymph vessels. Slags and toxins are removed. The pent-up lymph which often causes swollen feet, legs and hands can flow again. A gentle treatment to decongest the tissue.

50 min.

Reflexology or zone therapy
€ 35.-

The foot is the mirror of the entire body. Each organ and the entire locomotor system are mirrored in the reflexology zones. The therapist carefully and skillfully treats the entire organism via this zone. Activates the body and the immune system.

25 min.

"HotStone Carinthia" with Marmout oil
€ 60.-

Warm and essential oils solve tensions and cramps of the muscles and joints. Alleviates aching muscles. Ideal after excessive strains, especially after sports activities.

50 min.

Head and neck massage
€ 68.-

Energy work and massage techniques harmonically merge during this treatment. Flower essences and candles for the body solve tensions on all levels.

50 min.

€ 68.-

A gentle and natural exfoliation in combination with a powerful brushing massage relieves you of old burdens and lets your skin breathe again.

50 min.

Back Massage
€ 38.-

After sports injuries, before and after a big strain a tape can effectively support the body. Depending on the problem we will choose the right treatment for you.

PLUS massages: for tensions

PLUS micro pressure technique: for fascia blockades and pain points.

25 min.

Kiddy massage
€ 25.-

Partial massage for our little guests (from 3 to 12 years)

20 min.

Thaimassage "Wat Poh"
€ 90.-

Total body pressure point massage with passive stretching exercises afterwards. Please notice that this treatment is with clothes - please wear elastic clothes.

Please note that this massage is not recommended in the case of pregnancy, high blood pressure or herniated disc.

80 min.

€ 70.-

Intensiv treatment of your back with focus on back and neck. Please notice that this treatment is with clothes - please wear elastic clothes.

Please note that this massage is not recommended in the case of pregnancyhigh blood pressure or herniated disc.

50 min.

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