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Cosmetics for beauty and relaxation

in the four star hotel in Carinthia

Pamper yourself with little things for which there is often no time left in everyday life. Our cosmeticians conjure a neat glow on your face - browse in our cosmetic treatments and fix an appointment for your holidays at Lake Ossiacher See.

Beauty and relaxation from head to toe

Feel good like a hand in a glove and enjoy the wonderful feeling of carefree well-being. In our beauty parlours in the SPAnorama our cosmeticians have already prepared many pampering offers for you - beginning from the relaxing facial treatment to manicure and pedicure. Simply take a seat and enjoy your completely individual pampering treatment.

Every treatment starts with a personal consultation and the individual co-ordination with the type of treatment you desire. Our particual focus is on you and yor wishes.

Let us pamper you during your holiday at Lake Ossiach. Book your favourite room and one of our soothing cosmetic treatments right away.

Our offers for cosmetic treatments:

New with us: "Dermainfusion
€ 120.-

By means of enzyme peeling, the skin is freed from superficial impurities to enable the introduction of the active concentrates. By perforating the top layer of skin, the serums can penetrate deeply and collagen production is massively stimulated! The treatment is painless.  However, sauna, sea, sun or solarium must be avoided for 24 hours!

For each application you will receive a "Mini Care Set" to ensure the optimal care of your skin.

Double is better!

This treatment can be repeated after 3 days to optimize the effect.

 Area of application:

 Pigment spots, wrinkles (upper lip, nasolabial), large pores.

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60 min.

Classic cosmetic treatment
€ 72.-

Suitable for all ladies and gentlemen: Cleansing, exfoliation, final cleansing, mask, massage, eyebrow shaping, day care.

50 min.

Exclusive cosmetic treatment
€ 95.-

Cleansing, peeling massage, cleansing, hyaluronic ampoule, mask, face and neck massage, eyebrow fassioning and tinting, eyelash tinting, astaxanthin intensive serum and type-specific day care.


80 min.

AHA Gold Treatment
€ 85.-

Intensive anti-age treatment. The fruit acid peeling regenerates the deep skin layers and gives the skin a full and smooth appearance. The hyaluron "Gold" ampoule provides intensive moisture and also activates the skin's metabolism. The Arielle "Gold" gel modelling provides the finishing touch, mirconutrients from brown algae replenish mineral deficiencies and naturally optimise the water-binding capacity of the skin. This gentle but effective treatment can be repeated at 3-day intervals to achieve a longer-lasting effect.

50 min.

Eyelash tinting
€ 15.-

For darker eyelashes entirely without makeup

15 min.

Eyebrow shaping and coloring
€ 20.-

Eyelashes and eyebrows are tinted and shaped professionally.


15 min.

Most beautiful moment
€ 52.-

Eyelash tinting, eyebrow shaping and tinting, moisturising vial, intensive eye pack and day care for a perfect blink of the eye.


45 min.

€ 39.-

Hand pack, nail skin removal, nail cutting, hand mask, care and polish.


45 min.

€ 45.-

Caressing foot bath, pedicure with nail shortening, nail skin care, heel rubbings as well as finishing care and polish.


50 min.

Corns and nail correction
€ 15.-

Removal of corns and pressure sores, correction and ingrown or torn nails.

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What our guests say

Absolute feel-good hotel in top location on the lake and excellent ambience throughout the house. Very good price/performance ratio.

Dietmar (51-55)

It was all Top, as usual. Kitchen excellent, staff great - we come again no question. If I have to give points then 99.9.

Peter (66-70)

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