Cosmetics for beauty and relaxation

in the four star hotel in Carinthia

Feel good like a hand in a glove and enjoy the wonderful feeling of carefree well-being. In our beauty parlours in the SPAnorama our cosmeticians have already prepared many pampering offers for you - beginning from the relaxing facial treatment to manicure and pedicure. Simply take a seat and enjoy your completely individual pampering treatment with a splendid view above the Lake Ossiacher See.

Every treatment starts with a personal consultation and the individual co-ordination with the type of treatment you desire. Our particual focus is on you and yor wishes.

Our offers for cosmetic treatments:

€ 68,00 Clearing ceremony with minerals (50 Min.)

Purification of face and decolleté, intensive pearl peeling, clearing mask with clay and quartz according to skin type, has a purifying effect, detoxifying and cell-regenerating. Creates an especially juvenile teint.

€ 85,00 "Red diamond powder" Ceremony (90 Min.)

This regenerating treatment for face, neck and decolleté, with red diamond powder aims at complete relaxation and elasticity of the skin surrounding the mimic zones. This relaxed condition is completed by selective scent, light and massage technique using skin oils.
Regeneration for the sensible and mature skin.
Makes the skin gleaming and glittering like a bright crystal.

€ 68,00 Ceremony "Purely Male" (50 Minunten)

This fine face treatment includes purification, stimulating pearl peeling, moisturizing eye and care mask as well as concluding care according to the skin type.

€ 48,00 Ceremony "For your eyes only" (45 Minuten)

Purification of the gentle eye zones with moisturizing and scented aroma compress. Beautiful eyes with "Skin age treatment mask" and anti-age massage of the eye, forehead and lip zones. Atomized spray with rose hydrolate and concluding care according to skin type, with a charming day make-up.

€ 39,00 Ceremony "Pedicure" (50 Minuten)

"the pearl of natural cosmetics"
Caressing foot bath, pedicure according to Calen with nail shortening, nail skin care, heel rubbings as well as concluding leg and finishing treatment, polish basic to wishes.

€ 35,00 Classic Manicure (45 Minuten)

Hand bath, nail skin removal, nail cutting, hand massage, basic polish included.

€ 12,00 SeeRose "Fuss-Wannerl" Detox aroma nature ()

Bath for feet & calves. Total pedicure.
Detoxifying foot bath with nail cutting, nail skin care, heel rubbing as well as important leg care and finishing treatment.

€ 12,00 Manicure with hand peeling & mask ()

Hand bath, peeling, skin removal, cutting, hand mask, hand massage, polish basic.
Vital manicure.


Your appointments regarding our cosmetic treatments you can gladly communicate in advance by e-mail to or by phone on +43 4243 2514.

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