Impressive New Year’s Eve

7 nights including Pleasure Package Enjoyment at the turn of the year!

Pure enjoyment at the turn of the year!

At the turn of the year we have prepared for you a varied, impressive New Year’s Eve Package to enjoy, feast, relax and feel good. Crackling fires, beneficial winter well-being, exquisite food and drink, musical treats and so on are waiting for you!

The brilliant highlight also this year is our New Year’s Eve Gala where we are allowed to prepare heavenly preciosities from kitchen and cellar. At midnight we will let the corks pop and will start into the New Year with a “Happy New Year” and lively waltz strains.

Included in the New Year’s Eve Package:

  • 7 nights including SeeRose Pleasure Package
  • 50% discount on all beverages*
  • 1 impressive evening with music
  • 1 wandering from lodge to lodge
  • New Year’s Eve Gala with cocktail, gala dinner, dance music and midnight snack
  • New Year’s Day Brunch for late risers
  • Tasting of regional culinary delights at the farmer’s market at the hotel SeeRose
  • Beneficial winter well-being in the sauna island on the lake and in the SPAnorama
* except for a few exclusive bottled wines

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